Sales Conditions


By entrusting your items to us, you fully accept the Terms set forth in this document.


The price list of all services must always be exposed to the public in a visible manner defined by the Administration.
All services provided are paid in advance during the reception of the garments.


When paying for the contracted service, you must receive your purchase invoice with the following details:
• The name of the place
• The date on which the items are delivered
• The quantity and nature of said items
• The type of service requested
• The price of each service
• Possible reservations made by the service provider

Business responsibility

Companies must make every effort to offer the best possible result with respect to the items entrusted to them.
According to the terms of the law:
In the event that the garment entrusted to the service provider can not be returned to the customer in a secure manner (loss, poorly delivered items to another customer, thief, fire, etc.), the former will be held liable under the Prescriptions of the Law of Consumer Protection (Law 24,240). In such a case, it is the responsibility of the service provider to provide evidence of their non-responsibility. In any other case, the service provider is only bound by an obligation of means.
When the damage is due to a hidden defect (for example, a defect in workmanship, natural wear and tear, inappropriate customer care, etc.), the service provider can not be held responsible.


It will be remembered that, in accordance with current regulations, there are two types of labels:
• The composition label (for example, cotton, wool, silk, polyester / cotton, etc.)
• The treatment recommendations label.
The service provider is not responsible in case of erroneous labeling.

(Garments with composition labels)

- Theft, fire, flood, loss, wrong delivery, damages caused by technical breakdowns, delivery:

With trearment label: Yes

No treatment tag: Yes

- Hidden defects (wear, moths, acid splashes, pencils inside the linings, etc.), edge seams

With trearment label: No

No treatment tag: No

- Bad fixation of dyes, coatings, loss of finish

With trearment label: Yes

No treatment tag: No

- Stains resistant or indelible

With trearment label: No

No treatment tag: No

- Discoloration or loss of color in weak tinctures

With trearment label: Yes

No treatment tag: No

- Caking

With trearment label: Yes

No treatment tag: Yes

There is no guarantee on the buttons and adornments (breakage, discoloration, fusion, deformation, detachment, loss due to loose threads, buttons that fade with steam, etc.).
Any item that can not support a cleaning process can be rejected or accepted with a reservation made expressly in writing, either in the order form of the customers or by notification after the previous treatment.


When the service provider is responsible, the amount of the compensation is calculated based on the scale shown below, according to the date of purchase of the item. The compensation will be effective with a pledge / item of price equivalent to:
80% for items purchased less than three months ago;
60% for items purchased less than thirty months ago.
However, in the event that the value of the pledge / item entrusted to the service provider registers a value that exceeds the market standard, the compensation will be calculated based on the requested value, only when the customer submits a valid proof of purchase in the time to make the claim about your pledge / item.
As for the oldest items, the compensation is equal to 30% of the value of an equivalent pledge budgeted at the date of the claim. With regard to clearly used items, the service provider can make reservations in the ticket / invoice for delivery of the item.


In the event that a suit, or part of it, is damaged or lost (3-piece suit, women's suit, household items, bedding, etc.), only the items entrusted will be reimbursed.
Minor breakages will be reimbursed through the repair of the garment without the client being able to claim any other form of compensation.


Since these items almost never come with a care label, the service provider acts with caution and diligence, but can not always prevent:
• A slight variation in texture, flexibility and color
• Appearance of hidden defects during the preparation or tanning (vein marks, imperfections, scars)
• Unforeseen and little-known phenomena (polymerization of oils) or inevitable phenomena (shades in pastel shades) so that the cleaning provider can not be held responsible


The service provider must make a new receipt / proof of receipt of the claim to deliver to the client. Any claim made after the delivery will be inadmissible.
If the client is not satisfied with the response provided or has not received any response within one month from the time the claim was made, he can make the claim that he considers fair before the Competent Authority.


In addition to the expensive garments (skins, ceremonial dresses ...), the professional dry cleaner can keep unclaimed items up to 3 months in their facilities, without the right to demand additional charges.
The piece of clothing not collected will be saved against the payment of 3 to 12 months.
Specific provisions are made for costly items that indicate that if they are not picked up on the date specified on the order form, they will be considered items that will be retained against payment.
After one year, any item that remains unclaimed can be freely disposed. Any claim against the dry cleaner will be considered inadmissible.
It is assumed that the item is lost when the customer has not been returned within two months after the delivery of the item, provided that a written request has been made.
If the client specifies in writing the value of the item and accepts the application of a special rate, when withdrawing his item, that amount will be considered for reimbursement.


As the exact value of the items can not be established at the time of delivery, the responsibility of the service provider is limited to an amount representing at least 12 times the agreed price for the provision of the laundry service. The amount calculated on said basis will not result in a refund that exceeds the value of the new item. In case of damages, the provider will not be liable in the following cases:
- Washing per kilo, in the case of mixed items that do not resist the same treatment, since classification or control is not previously carried out
- Wash by bag
- Articles made of mixed fibers and without composition label
- Items in which special treatments were applied and that were not specified by the client at the time of delivery
- Used items that do not support standard washing
- Non-textile accessories of a garment